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All Season Tires in Hamilton, Canada

All Season Tires

Searching for, “best all-season tires for SUV”? “All-seasons for luxury sedan”? “Best Canadian tires all-season tires”? Whatever you were searching for, you’ve found the right site.If you’re interested in all-season tires and you’re in or near Hamilton, Ontario, McPhail Auto can help you.

We have a large variety of all-season tires available from the most popular tire brands from all over the world. Whether you want the best tread life, supreme handling, or rugged durability, we can advise you on the perfect all-season tire for your vehicle and driving style.

Why do drivers in Canada like all-season tires?

Many drivers in Canada, and specifically in Hamilton, like all-season tires because they offer good performance in a variety of weather conditions. Tire manufacturers first innovated all-season tires the 1970s. To do this, they had to sacrifice some qualities found in snow and summer tires. But the end result was a tire that could provide good handling and reliable stopping throughout different seasons.

All-seasons are great on hot, dry roads and on wet, cool roads, too. With all-season tires, you don’t have to worry about wet autumn leaves, hot gravelly roads, or muddy spring streets. And while all-seasons perform well in cool temperatures, there is a limit. Once the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius, you should strongly consider switching to winter or all-weather tires.

All-season tires are different from all-weather tires.

According to some reports, as many as 49% of Canadian drivers hope to use all-seasons in winter. At McPhail Auto, we advise against this. Freezing, and even just cold temperatures can cause the rubber compounds in all-seasons to stiffen, and this impedes handling and stopping.

Winter tires are made ofspecific rubber compounds and possess special tread designs to help them provide traction on cold roads. This is also true of all-weather tires which are embossed with the snowflake pictograph, meaning they are suitable Canadian tires for all seasons, including winter.

All-season tires are a great option for summer driving, but so are summer tires.

Both all-season and summer tires have tread patterns and compounds that are great for providing traction on dry roads and for stopping quickly when it’s hot out. You may find that summer tires are slightly better when it comes to offering traction for sharp turns and handling when the pavement has been heated up by the summer sun, but not every driver has this preference.

Summer tires come down to personal preference. For the highest performance possible, you may prefer to switch to summer tires when temperatures heat up. But all-season tires are perfectly fine for summer, as well.

Contact McPhail Auto for Canada’s best all-season tires.

If you’re looking for all-season tires near you in Hamilton, come to McPhail Auto. We have all the best brands and models of all-season tire. We can recommend some that would suit your vehicle and your style of driving.

Whether you want the best all-season tires for an SUV, luxury sedan, electric car, or any other vehicle, please get in touch with us. To get a quote on all-season tires for your vehicle, you can click here. To learn more about all-season tires, or our other products and services, please contact us via our website or call 905-545-6240.

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