2117 King St. E, Hamilton, ON, L8K 1W4

Shop Hours: M-F 8am to 5pm

Taking care of Hamilton’s Automotive needs since 1993

Carrying on the tradition…

Taking care of Hamilton’s automotive needs comes as nothing new for the McPhail family. Charlie (Chas) McPhail was Ontario’s first certified mechanic and opened Main Garage and Motor Sales in the 1930’s down at the corner of Tuxedo and Main Streets here in Hamilton. Charlie’s business provided consistently reliable services along with top quality products which provided him with a large number of loyal customers. Making his customers happy made him happy.

McPhail Auto was established in 1993 by brothers Scott and Steve McPhail, direct grandsons of Charlie McPhail. They each shared a passion for all things mechanical and desired to follow the sound practices that brought success to their grandfather two generations before. Providing reliable, quality service for their customers and offering nothing but the best in products and vehicles. They recognized that as a small, family run business that the key to long term success would come from satisfying their customers to the best of their abilities. In turn, customer trust has become the backbone of the shop’s success.

Scott is also no stranger to the winner’s circles of the Canadian dirt track racing circuit. When not busy at work or spending time with his children, odds are pretty good he can be found racing in lucky Number 07, built and maintained by McPhail Automotive.

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