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Vehicle AC Service and Repair in Rosedale, ON

AC Service and Repair

In addition to keeping you comfortable, your car’s air conditioner is critical to the proper operation and efficiency of your vehicle. To ensure that you and your family can travel comfortably, McPhail Auto is here to service your vehicle’s air conditioning system. We are the “car air conditioning repair service near me” or ” auto ac repair near me” that you’ve been looking for!

Can I get my car ac repaired in Rosedale, ON?

Our vehicle air conditioning service ensures that you and your family can travel in your car in safety and comfort. Keep your car’s air conditioner running smoothly with regular maintenance visits to McPhail Auto.  You can also book an appointment online.

How to know if my car’s ac needs to be repaired?

Though there is one extremely obvious sign that your car’s air conditioning needs to be repaired, that sign being that there is no cool air coming out the vents, there are many more signs that can help you catch the problem before it escalates. One of those signs is that there is fluid leaking underneath your vehicle. If there is a greasy substance under the hood, inside the cabin, or beneath the vehicle, it is most likely freon.

Another sign is that your fuel isn’t lasting as long, and the performance of your car is decreasing.

When your car’s air conditioning system begins to fail, your vehicle’s fuel economy will suffer because the air conditioner must work harder to compensate for lost refrigerant. This will cause your vehicle to work less efficiently.

Lastly, your clutch may not be engaging. The air conditioning (A/C) clutch in your vehicle is responsible for applying pressure to the compressor. There should be a clicking sound made whenever the air conditioner in your vehicle is turned on. This sound lets you know the air conditioning clutch is engaged. If you don’t hear the clicking sound, this a sign your car’s air conditioner may need to be repaired.

What all needs to be checked when having my car’s AC repaired?

Some of the things we can assist you with in terms of your vehicle’s AC are as follows:

  • Visually examine the thermostat, pressure cap, hose pipes, and radiator coolant level.
  • Examining the belt that drives the compressor.
  • Inspecting for leaks and other types of damage.
  • The pressure of the cooling system is assessed.
  • Comparing the air conditioning pressure to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Looking for possible refrigerant leaks in the air conditioning system.
  • The temperature of the air coming out of the interior vents should be determined.

The worst possible scenario is being unable to cool or heat your vehicle. For a comfortable ride, whether it’s hot outside or bitterly cold, a vehicle’s a/c or heating system must function. Our technicians can work on a wide range of vehicles, including commercial fleet vehicles, recreational vehicles, trucks, and personal automobiles. Have you found yourself searching “car air conditioning repair” or “auto ac repair”? No need to look any further. You can visit us at 2117 King St. E. in Hamilton or schedule an appointment online!

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